Our management structure

General board of directors

Denny Dims
Chief Executive Officer
A manager with ten years of experience, well-established in the leadership positions of several large companies. He studied economics and management at Harvard University and has extensive knowledge of the structure and interaction of all divisions of large companies and their management.
May Ling Ho
Chief Operating Officer
An expert in shaping a company’s development strategy. Administrator and business manager, aimed at achieving targets for revenue growth and company profitability. Prior to joining Long Invest, she served several Fortune 100 companies in different industries and sectors.
Brian Scott
Chief Financial Officer
Specialist in investments and optimization of financial flows. His many years of experience in banking structures allow him to optimally manage the company's finance, allocate resources efficiently and optimize business processes to maintain the financial stability of the company and ensure economic security.
Amanda Gray
Chief Analytics Officer
She defines the general strategy and the most promising areas of investment. With experience in trading and a degree in maths, she analyzes data from global markets. Based on these data, investment decisions will be made.
Perry Mitchell
Chief Technology Officer
A graduate of MIT, an experienced engineer and IT specialist, who worked in the production and financial institutions. He provides technical support, as well as monitors the condition of all equipment and software that enables the company to function.

Hong Kong branch

Lee Siu
Head of the Hong Kong branch
An economist, psychologist who has been honing his skills in these areas for many years. Thanks to his intelligence and hard work, he promptly advanced through the ranks and deservedly occupies the post of head of the branch.
Short-term strategies
Jennie Tsang
Head of department
A trader with many years of experience and a certified analyst. Thanks to her flexibility in decision-making and quick response to changes in market behavior, her team regularly makes a profit in short-term investment strategies.
Leading traders
Jacky Hui
Carina Tung
Andy Pang
Mid-term strategies
Ray Wong
Head of department
Having worked for many years as a trader in a large investment company, he gained experience in understanding the markets and made big profit. Now he inspires subordinates and makes a profit at Long Invest Capital LTD.
Leading traders
Vincent Lo
Jason Kwan
Stella Pang
Long-term strategies
Cherrie Graham
Head of department
An example of a professional who is committed to quality teamwork. A distinctive feature of this highly qualified specialist is the ability to take into account the comments of all the team members, choose the most important information and make the right decision.
Leading traders
Tommy Lee
Fung Chui
Ronnie Lam

London branch

Roberto Marino
Head of the London branch
Charismatic and experienced leader. He can find an approach to any person and turn a group of employees into an effective team aimed at productive work and achieving success.
Short-term strategies
Harold Smith
Head of department
An experienced trader with good skills. The author of a highly profitable trading strategy that brings good money. His desire to act and his focus on quick positive results are reflected in this trading strategy.
Leading traders
Raheem Johnson
George Parks
Debra Smith
Mid-term strategies
Gabriella Cavalli
Head of department
Success in trading proves that the ability to analyze and absolute discipline, based on knowledge and experience, always lead to a positive result. Thanks to these skills, she makes a great contribution to the common cause.
Leading traders
Bruce Fletcher
Aesha Adams
Diego Cruz
Long-term strategies
Antonio Sanchez
Head of department
Patience, the ability to wait and predict the long-term behavior of the market, are the basic skills necessary for a long-term investor. The accuracy of his forecasts, the lack of rush and, at the same time, the ability to quickly respond to changing situation, gives confidence in positive results.
Leading traders
Jerry Morgan
Rick White
Vitor Flores