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The company was founded in 2018 and is engaged in investing in global financial markets. It consists of leading traders, analysts and managers from Europe and Asia. All employees have extensive experience, the necessary skills and knowledge how to make money. In-depth analysis, reliable trading strategies and a clear algorithm of actions allow the company to make the best investment, earn profit and grow steadily. Therefore, Long Invest Capital LTD offers its customers the highest interest rates on investment.
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Investment plans

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  • Fixed long-term
  • 240%
  • Total return: 240%
  • Total profit: 140%
  • Principal Included
  • Calendar Days
  • Daily long-term
  • 1.6%
  • FOR 60 DAYS
  • Total return: 196%
  • Total profit: 96%
  • Principal Back
  • Business Days

Long-term strategy implies the use of several alternative approaches in investing Long Invest capital and attracted funds of investors. This part of the portfolio is invested in reliable or undervalued assets for the long term and provides a low level of risk. The providing of loans, construction, new technologies and scientific developments, but also the purchase of buildings for commercial or industrial purpose, in order to lease them for a long time to get a stable profit. In the process of choosing where to invest, Long Invest departments under the leadership by Cherrie Graham and Antonio Sanchez competently and meticulously calculate and analyze each direction of long-term investments minimizing risks.

  • Fixed mid-term
  • 170%
  • Total return: 170%
  • Total profit: 70%
  • Principal Included
  • Calendar Days
  • Daily mid-term
  • 1.3%
  • FOR 40 DAYS
  • Total return: 152%
  • Total profit: 52%
  • Principal Back
  • Business Days

Mid-term investment is an aggressive strategy based on a large number of short-term operations. It is considered to be, that this type of strategy is typical for speculators. Investing in securities, especially in stocks, is great for an aggressive strategy. Such a strategy is primarily based on market volatility and uses impulse stock movements to make money relatively quickly. The mid-term investment is led by Ray Wong and Gabriella Cavalli. Thanks to their work, we are increasing both amount of profit and now attracting private investment on the Internet.

  • Fixed short-term
  • 130%
  • Total return: 130%
  • Total profit: 30%
  • Principal Included
  • Calendar Days
  • Daily short-term
  • 1%
  • FOR 20 DAYS
  • Total return: 120%
  • Total profit: 20%
  • Principal Back
  • Business Days

The main short-term strategy for investing and earning daily profit from financial investments in Long Invest is trading in currency pairs. The foreign exchange market is a highly volatile market that never closes and has the largest trading volume. The list of participants is huge, it's from small traders to hedge funds and national banks. This is the main financial market in the world created to simplificate the exchange of various currencies, which clearly reflects the financial dynamics of world trade. Experienced traders led by Jennie Tsang and Harold Smith develop sophisticated short-term strategies and bring daily profit for Long Invest and its investors.

Dec 7, 2019
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Affiliate programs

Mutually beneficial cooperation
Bounty program
The bounty program will give an opportunity to get an aword to any participant in the project. You just need to fulfill the required conditions and simple tasks aimed at popularizing the platform.
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Referral program
The referral program will help you get additional income by attracting new investors to the system. Get 6-1-1% of the amount of deposits of attracted investors. Become a representative and get even more
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Regional program
Regional representation implies the development of a company in a specific region. The more invited people invest, the more interest the representative gets.
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Nov 12, 2019
Look at new sticker pack
Now you can use the new sticker pack in Long Invest telegram chat.
Nov 06, 2019
We have an update
Long Invest - convenient interface, pleasant colors, thoughtful presentation of information as well as the most modern design solutions contribute to pleasant and efficient work on our platform.
Apr 01, 2019
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The new partner of the company is Payeer payment system. It is the company that provides many opportunities for managing your cash assets online.

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