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Last update: Oct 23, 2019
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Apr-1-2019 12:30:00 AM Payeer has been added The Company's new partner is Payeer payment system, the company that provides many opportunities for managing your monetary assets online.
Mar-27-2019 06:00:00 PM We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website. Our new website has been developed to showcase our strengths and reflect our brand positioning: a different kind of long-term investments. It has been designed to reflect our new visual brand which we launched today.
Feb-14-2019 12:00:14 AM Bitcoin cryptocurrency is added Now you have the opportunity to make deposits and withdraw funds in Bitcoin and get an excellent profit with!

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Referral program

What is the point of referral program?

The purpose of the referral program is to expand the number of investors in the system.
Each participant of the program invites investors using their referral link (personal link is available in the "Referrals" section in the personal cabinet).
The referral commission for MEMBERS of each deposit is different:
PRO: 4%-0.5%-0.25%
CLASSIC: 3%-0.5%-0.25%
BASIC: 1%-0.5%-0.25%
from attracted referral of the first, second and third level.

Becoming an investment partner:

When an amount of TOTAL REFERRALS DEPOSIT greater than or equal to $10.000,00 you will automatically become a partner of LONG INVEST CAPITAL LTD and receive more profit from each invited referral.
The income from the referral program is not limited - the more active you are, the greater the profit will be. When you built your structure in LONG INVEST CAPITAL LTD, you can receive a completely passive income.

How to earn money with partner program?

LONG INVEST CAPITAL LTD offers partners a profitable, three-level partner program.
The PARTNER receives different referral commission of each deposit:
PRO: 5%-1%-0.5%
CLASSIC: 4%-1%-0.5%
BASIC: 2%-1%-0.5%
from attracted referral of the first, second and third level.
The first level is your referrals. The second - referrals your referrals from the first level. The third is referrals referrals from the second level.

How will I receive my referral commission?

The referral commission is accrued to your account balance instantly.

Do I need to have an active investment to participate in your affiliate program?

No, there is no need to have an active investment to participate.