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Who we are?

Long Invest Capital LTD consists of managers, analysts and traders with many years of experience in the financial markets. The company was officially registered in 2018 and brought together leading industry experts from Europe and Asia. You can read the history of the company and plans for its further development in the Roadmap section. Teamwork, the merging of knowledge and skills allows us to achieve goals and minimize risks. Our main asset is our employees. Thanks to them, the company reaches outstanding results. Our main activity is investing in global financial markets. The goal is to profit in the short, medium and long term, satisfy customer needs, develop and expand new markets, and apply new technologies in trade. The basis for profitable investments is a careful selection of trading instruments, a complete analysis, forecasting, development of action scenarios for all possible situations.

Our professional team

Denny Dims
Chief Executive Officer
May Ling Ho
Chief Operating Officer
Brian Scott
Chief Financial Officer
Amanda Gray
Chief Analytics Officer
Perry Mitchell
Chief Technology Officer
Lee Siu
Head of the Hong Kong branch
Roberto Marino
Head of the London branch
Jennie Tsang
Head of department
Ray Wong
Head of department
Cherrie Graham
Head of department
Harold Smith
Head of department
Gabriella Cavalli
Head of department
Antonio Sanchez
Head of department


In 2017, the foundation of the future team of Long Invest Capital LTD begins to form on the London Stock Exchange. Several leading traders from Europe and Asia are aware that joint action will help to reach a new level in trading. Future colleagues and partners begin to formulate the concept of a new trading company.
Working together, the future partners continue to get profit in the world's largest stock markets. The successful joint activity was the impetus to full registration of Long Invest Capital LTD in the UK. On 7 December 2018, we launched the first version of the online platform, and three days later, on 10 December 2018, the State Registration Chamber of the UK issued all the necessary documents.
In just half a year, the company brought $200,000 investment online and more than $1 million from several major investors. In the summer of 2019, we entered into several contracts with large Asian investors. Due to Brexit and its negative consequences, a strategic decision was made to register the company in Hong Kong and transfer the head office there. At the same time, the London branch continued to operate normally.
Of course, the USA is a global market for stock traders. Therefore, to conclude new deals and attract large investments, it is planned to open the next office in New York. Work on the extension is underway. The main objective for 2020 is to expand activities and officially register the company in the United States. Active recruiting of talented American traders for the future branch of the company has already begun. With the opening of the American office, Long Invest will truly become an international corporation.
The next step will be the introduction of blockchain technologies to optimize the functionality of the company and increase its security. These technologies will be implemented to improve workflow, store customer data, and conduct transactions. Automated trading using algorithms and Artificial Intelligence will be able to expand the set of trading strategies and increase profits.
Implementation of continuous diagnostics of company's work to search for opportunities to optimize the business model. Search and analysis of new technologies in the field of IT, investment and security for their early application in the company. The conclusion of partnership agreements to increase the number of services provided, the introduction of new investment tools. To improve the usability of the online platform, we will add new features, expand the number of payment systems, and integrate Internet banking.

What do we offer our customers?

How to save and increase capital is an important and interesting question. Many people are looking for an answer to it. The fact is money should work. Bank deposits don't bring in profit, but only cover inflation. Keeping cash in a safe place is a waste of money. After all, money is depreciating.
A competent investment in securities and currencies can solve the problem, but it requires knowledge and skills that need to be developed over the years.
Our team of experienced traders and analysts is at your service. We act according to strategies that are profitable at different time intervals. All decisions are made collectively, after a complete fundamental and technical analysis of the trading instrument. The development of detailed action scenarios for any possible changes in the market allows us to quickly respond to any changes and eliminate positions that have lost their potential.

Advantages in cooperation with our company

Availability of licenses and registration documents
Minimization of risks due to deposit insurance and reserve fund
Timely accrual of dividends to each investor
Low level of deposits for beginner investors
Several referral programs with favorable conditions
Intuitive and user-friendly interface